Many landscape gardeners find that adding a healthy pond full of living
fish is the ultimate focal point of a spectacular outdoor living space.
The large fish -- like koi -- may not find living in a small water
feature quite so exciting. You can consider adding floating dome that
would allow your fish to have a larger view of the outside world -- and

Floating Fish Dome (Image via YouTube)Floating Fish Dome (Image via YouTube)

This cool water dome, created by the Dutch company Velda, does not require any underwater supports. It floats on top of the water while also being filled with water. This allows the fish to swim up into the dome and check out what is going on on the dry side of life. You might even be able to teach them to come up to greet you through the dome.

Floating Fish Dome (Image via YouTube)Floating Fish Dome (Image via YouTube)

 It is recommended that your pond be at least 32" deep for optimal use.
The entire set up is about 31" across. The dome itself floats on a ring
of fabric-covered polystyrene. 

For fish owners this is a great way to show off your fish to guests at your outdoor soirees, and also gives you a chance to detect disease in your fish earlier. What a great way to enjoy your fish and to one-up the neighbors!

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