When it gets warm out, I like to give Scribbles the Yorkie and Joy the kitten an ice cube or two to cool off with. Scribbles appreciates the opportunity to chill out, while Joy turns my frozen offering into a slippery toy that I’ll discover a few hours later with a pair of dry socks… Even though Joy is a lost cause when it comes to the advanced concept of “ice,” the award-winning Freezy Pups team have been hard at work to make icy treats that will make appreciative dogs like Scribbles even happier!

Made of organic, and human-grade ingredients here in the United States, Freezy Pups are an extremely easy way to create 70 tasty treats per package. Simply, mix a packet with some water and pour it over a tray for 14 treats within an hour or so.

While the Freezy Pups Kit comes with a refillable tray and a few sample packets to get you started, there are four tasty varieties to try out when that’s all gone: Juicy Apple, White Cheddar Cheese, Sweet Potato ‘n Maple and Chicken Soup.

Whether it’s for a healthy, low calorie training treat, or as the chilly snack for hot dogs, Freezy Pups are an all-around fantastic idea.

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