Why settle for a boring pet trim when the Igogo Pet Salon will nick-nack, paddy-wack, give your dog a bone trim!

Give Your Dog A Bone Trim

We've mentioned the Igogo Pet Salon before and will likely do so again, since the Tainan City, Taiwan pet groomer continues to come up with ever more radical fur trimming ideas.

One of the most jaw-dropping – or should we say, jawbone-dropping – is this bizarre “skeleton cut”.

Give Your Dog A Bone Trim

Opinions on the use of “animals as art” run the gamut from bemused tolerance to fierce disapproval. We're not here to judge, just to show you what can be done by experienced professional pet groomers acting at the direction of paying pet owners.

As for the aesthetics of this (ahem) unusual style... we'll leave that up to the viewer.

Give Your Dog A Bone Trim

While we would never condone animal abuse and/or pets suffering for the sake of their owners' vanity, let's give Igogo the benefit of the doubt as they ARE professionals and presumably have an official license they seek to maintain in good standing.

In addition, so-called “extreme pet grooming” is a painless, non-invasive procedure that will resolve itself in a matter of weeks as the fur grows back in. Make no bones about it!