A Russian engineer's hand-crafted cat playhouse is as strong as a tank... and it looks like one too.

Ginger Cat Goes Full Red Army With T-34 Tank Playhouse

Challenge a Russian and you won't get much thanks. Challenge a Russian engineer, on the other hand, and tanks you will get... yes, “tanks”, as in the multitudes of T-34 medium tanks that helped save the USSR's bacon in World War II. Ivan Veryasov is one such engineer who, when faced with a challenge, rose to meet it – and knocked it outta the park!

Veryasov's epiphany came while browsing the pet furniture section of a local pet shop in his hometown of Novosibirsk. “I saw what houses pet shops sell, you know these hastily made creations made from low-quality material and assembled with just a furniture stapler,” he explained. “I wouldn't actually trust my cat to use them, because bits keep falling off them.”

Ginger Cat Goes Full Red Army With T-34 Tank Playhouse

We should mention that Veryasov didn't actually own a cat at the time but cut him some slack: there's not a whole lot to do in Novosibirsk. Cat or not, Veryasov was a man on a mission. “I spent more than two months on my spare evenings on it, using the best materials I could find,” he stated.

Being built like a tank was one thing, actually looking like a tank was, well, the obvious way to go. “I used my garage to cut out the details and assemble the tank,” added Veryasov. “I wanted to make something really cool.” We'd say he succeeded, and one doesn't argue with a dude who builds tanks at home in their spare time.

Ginger Cat Goes Full Red Army With T-34 Tank Playhouse

The finished cat house really rocks – it rolls, too! “Even a baby can push the tank,” says Veryasov, which says something about the capabilities of Russian babies. But wait, there's more: “The turret rotates 360 degrees, the barrel goes up and down, and a cat can get inside and out of the turret.” In a nutshell, do not mess with Russian engineers, babies or cats.

You can call it a case of putting the cart before the horse but Veryasov managed to acquire a cat shortly after completing his rockin' retro war-mobile. Yep, it's the ginger tom in these photos... what, you were expecting a Russian Blue? Nope, Veryasov went soviet old school from start to finish. He's already working on an upgraded model that “will allow cats to shoot tennis balls from the 360 degree rotating turret”. Be afraid, mice and mutts, be very afraid. (via Siberian Times)