This oversized plush stuffed animal sports an enormous leatherette nose and looks just like the famous fisheye-lens photographed Fidos from the phenomenally popular THE DOG Artlist Collection.

THE DOG first made the scene in the year 2000 and over a dozen years later it's still going strong, having spun off similar subsidiary product lines featuring THE CAT, THE PIG and so on. While our featured stuffed animal doesn't appear to be officially licensed by The Artlist Collection, it was clearly inspired by it. Try to create a larger-than-life, 3D version of a playful puppy photographed with a fisheye lens at what The Artlist Collection describes as “the strange ratio” and this is pretty much the result.

In any case, is offering the 1.15 meter (3.77 ft) long plush stuffed animal for the low, low price of just $23.67 plus from $15 to $22 for shipping to the USA. Well whaddya nose!