Your favorite rebel warrior is going to be all about Star Wars again this December with the premier of the next movie, Rogue One. Make their Christmas complete with a Star Wars Chewbacca Christmas Stocking.

Star Wars Chewbacca Christmas Stocking
Star Wars Chewbacca Christmas Stocking

What furry, warm, and fuzzy feelings this stocking will bring to the holiday festivizing! *Please note that no Wookies were harmed in the making of this product* This Christmas stocking Is designed to put you in mind of the big walking carpet of Star Wars fame. Made of faux Wookie fur and adorned with a bandolier ribbon. This is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. For kids aged 14 and up -- so that includes you!

To order your own Star Wars Chewbacca Christmas Stocking, or one to give as a gift, click here.


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