It ain't easy going green, but it can be just a little easier with the
help of this Frog Reusable Shopping Bag. Cutting down on the waste of
paper and plastic grocery bags by using your own bags is a great step in
the right direction.

 Frog Reusable Shopping BagFrog Reusable Shopping Bag

The great thing about this shopping bag is that it rolls up tight into a little frog package so that you can carry it easily along in pocket or purse. This can help keep you from forgetting (or frog-etting) to bring the bag along or leaving it in the car.

Frog Reusable Shopping BagFrog Reusable Shopping Bag

With the trend towards banning grocery and other shopping bags in stores, this is a great gift for everyone. I have found that I can easily carry six of this type of grocery bag in my purse. Just think of all the trees and other resources you will be saving!

To order a Frog Reusable Shopping Bag, click here. Check out the same page for even more fun animal shopping bags.

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