A Babble Ball is, simply put, a ball that makes sounds when you touch
it. There is a version of this item for dogs, for cats and for birds. If
you are still looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for the pet who
has (almost) everything, look no further. The Babble Ball could be the
perfect present.

The doggie version of the PetQwerks Talking Babble Ball
(available through Amazon for around $9) speaks in stock phrases, so it
simulates human companionship when you're not home. The ball is made of
durable plastic to stand up to rough play. It also turns off
automatically when it's not being played with, so all the babble won't
drive you crazy.



The kitty version
is smaller and says slightly different things. It's sensitive enough to
activate when your cat walks past it. It, too, is available through
Amazon. It costs around $7.



don't leave out the family bird! The Birdie Babble Ball actually has a
practical use, if you aim to teach your bird to talk. It can be had from Great Companions Pet Supplies for just under $10.



Why not get all three Babble Balls and build a tower? Your pets will love it!


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