With all of the stuff we do on our computers these days our hard drive
space can get eaten up pretty quickly. We also want to be backing up out
files as much as possible. One totally cute idea for handling all of
these files is this adorable PigChum USB Hub.

 PigChum USB HubPigChum USB Hub

The mama piggy feeds all of your files to her babies and they light up when in use. The memory capacity of the unit is 2 gigabytes to give you ample fire storage. It also comes with a lanyard for easy transport by attaching to your keychain. This is one USB hub that isn't a boar and these little pink porkers can save you from data loss. That will be just swine by you.

 PigChum USB HubPigChum USB Hub

One little piggy for marketing, one little piggy just for home, and one little piggy cries "Me! Me! Me!" all the way while prone (roll eyes here). You can really ham it up on your computer! To order your own PigChum USB Hub, click here, and you will find yourself in hog heaven.

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