This set of nine different unpainted handmade "Hanging Cat" wooden building blocks allows cat fans of all ages to create their own interlocking sculpture while enjoying a sublime sense of relaxation. Time for a new kitty conglomeration? Knock it down and start from, er, scratch.

These baby-friendly yet adult-appealing cat blocks are made in a small workshop in Japan's mountainous Nagano prefecture. Each block is made individually by hand – a laborious process whose finished products radiate the pride and care of traditional craftsmanship. 

Chimajiya of Japan packs the nine individual cat blocks on a bed of straw inside a 27cm by 18cm by 5cm (10.6” by 7.1” by 1.95”) woven basket case made from all-natural materials – your actual pet cat never had it so good! At press time this set of nine cat building blocks was sold out but keep checking back... those craftsmen from Nagano are slowly but steadily making more.