There are times when housework just becomes a boring bit of drudgery
with no redeeming value whatsoever. But what if you could get in play
with your inner child while you did your chores? This fun Giraffe Toilet
can let you do just that -- or at least help convince your
children to do it.

Giraffe Toilet BrushGiraffe Toilet Brush

This giraffe can also be a decorative accent for the littlest room in the house if you are going for an African savanna or zoo theme. It comes with a non-skid base for easy, drip-free storage. At 16 inches tall it can be within easy reach for quick work.

Giraffe Toilet BrushGiraffe Toilet Brush

Whatever else you do to clean the bathroom, it is unlikely that any of it will compare to the clever and whimsical fun of this guy. To order your own Giraffe Toilet Brush, click here.

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