Autumn is Skunk Season – that special time of year when young skunks born earlier in the year leave their moms and disperse. Being young and inexperienced, they're also learning to dispense their signature perfume. Young or not, you and/or your pet do NOT want to be the target when a skunk pushes the panic button and lets loose!

Get The Funk Off With Ion-Powered Skunk Odor Eliminator Spray

Skunks stink, bigly, and getting “skunked” is no joke for pets on the receiving end of er, an aggrieved skunk's rear end. While traditional remedies – many relying on the supposed stink-stifling power of tomato juice – are a dime a dozen, most fail to work as advertised no matter how many Virgin Mary's you serve up.

But hey, we get it – tradition is a powerful motivator. Y'know what else is powerful? The reek that rises off a freshly skunked pet. By all means, pour on the tomato juice... or opt for a product that (according to tests by a third-party lab) is “800 Times More Effective Than Tomato Juice”. Go ahead, we'll wait – outside and upwind, if you don't mind.

Get The Funk Off With Ion-Powered Skunk Odor Eliminator Spray

OK, so you've done the sensible thing and ordered up some Live Odor Free!™ Skunk Odor Eliminator 2X, available in handy 16oz spray bottles, 64oz refills, and economy one-gallon sizes. What do you get? How do billions of positive (+) ions sound? They're silent, and that's cool, 'cuz it's not sound that's the issue here, it's smell.

Those positive ions act to eliminate the foul-smelling negative (-) ions that give skunk musk its husky funk. Zavada LLC's proprietary Noble Ion® Odor Technology fully neutralizes the skunky stink without subjecting your pet to foreign enzymes, harsh surfactants, masking fragrances, or even tomatoes. Once you've deodorized your pet, you can get back to more productive tomato-related ventures such as creating odorless vodka-infused beverages. Cheers!