Want your dogs and cats to glow in the dark? Vedante, the maker of the popular ultra glow sports Pop Bands, is making dog collars and leashes with the same super reflective material. Wow! No one can miss this dog! You can see him for 1500 feet!

The material used by Vedante is a 3M product, Scotchbrite, and it's perfect for dog and cat collars and leashes. Of course, seeing this leash bobbing up and down in the dark might scare the poop out of a driver rounding a bend on a
dark night. It's more likely he would back up and turn around than try to hit it.

Vedante's leashes are covered with the Scotchbrite super-reflective material on both sides, so your dog gets extra protection. Additionally the material is weatherproof.

I love the cat collars and they come with a bonus glow in the dark tag. They come in neat colors too.



Vendante's dog collars are also cool, kind of nautical looking.



Vedante offers its super-relective leashes in four feet and six feet sizes. Don't be shocked at the prices of the leashes. They cost more than most dog leashes, but it's because the 3M Scotchbrite covers both sides of the leash, and that material is high quality... aka not cheap.


Find the right size and color Vedante collars for your cats and dogs at Amazon.com and find the Vedante dog leashes here. If you are interested in the Vedante sports Pop Bands, take a look here.


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