Japanese Animal Kindergarten Buses

First day of school jitters are a thing of the past in Japan, where animal-shaped school buses help children – nervous or not – get to and from kindergarten in cartoon style.


Cat Bus

Japanese Cat Kindergarten Bus

Could this be the coolest bus in Japan? The weather sure is helping! At least this young student won't be afraid to get on the bus each morning... but they may not want to leave it upon arrival at the school. What to do? We're guessing the school is built to look like an even BIGGER cat. (cute Japanese school bus image via Lynette Lee    


Whale Bus

Japanese Whale Kindergarten Bus

If your name is Jonah, this is the bus for you. Also, cue Fred of the B52s to sing “I got me a school bus, it's as big as a whale, and it's about to set sail!” (cute Japanese school bus image via Chukyo Syatai Industry)             


Bear Bus

Japanese Bear Kindergarten Bus

Smarter than the average bear bus? It must be, since all it does is drive to and from school. Sorry kids, this bus does NOT hibernate during the winter. (cute Japanese school bus image via Japanorama)          


Dog Bus

Japanese Dog Kindergarten Bus

Bow-wow to your sensei! This canine kid carrier handles ruff roads with aplomb and the engine growls like a well-oiled machine... which it, um, is. (cute Japanese school bus image via Floyd Chen)         


Lion Bus

Japanese Lion Kindergarten Bus

Who needs the king of beasts when one can ride in the king of buses? When this bus is retired from carrying kids to school, it can always find new life at one of those drive-thru safari parks. (cute Japanese school bus image via Revista Web)     


Pikachu Bus

Japanese Pikachu Kindergarten Bus

Pikachu bus, I choose you! We're including this design because technically, Pikachu is a mouse of sorts. On the downside, the bus runs on gasoline and isn't electrically powered. Buzzkill! (cute Japanese school bus image via Cool Japan Pictures)


Panda Bus

Japanese Panda Kindergarten Bus

Probably the worst thing about animal-themed school buses would be growing up and not being able to ride one anymore, right? Wrong – these panda buses can be ridden by anyone of any age, proving once again that Japan is the Peter Pan of countries.  (cute Japanese school bus image via Innovation on Earth


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