Times are tough for furloughed store mascots but when the going got tough, one laid-off giraffe got on their horse and trotted over to Walmart.  

Furloughed Giraffe Gallops Off To Its Necks Job

You'd think it wouldn't be possible for a blue-tongued cartoon giraffe to get pink-slipped but hey, it happens to everyone sooner or later. When the boom came down on Geoffrey, the smiling giraffe who was long the face of bankrupt retailer Toys 'R' Us, he wasn't just going to sit around with a long face... make that a “longer” face.

Instead, the distinctive critter got back on the horse – literally – and made it his business to check out competitive businesses. Surely, someone out there would be hot to trot for a beloved spokes-giraffe in search of a long term, well-paying gig. Someone? Anyone?? Hello???    

Furloughed Giraffe Gallops Off To Its Necks Job

Sorry Geoffrey, Walmart (and every other retailer, it seems) don't want giraffes with good taste. They don't want giraffes that taste good either, which is er, actually a good thing, all things considered. You gave it the old college try but it looks like you stuck your neck out for nuthin'. Now there's nuthin' else for a washed-up mascot to do but ride off into the sunset.

Luckily for one and all, the despondent dude was spotted – again, literally – atop a weary steed as they traversed a Walmart parking lot somewhere in Colorado. You're a long way from Africa, Geoffrey, and no one ever blessed the rains down in... Boulder? Godspeed, unemployed grazer, it's time to take some time to to do the things you never had. (images via Imgur, Reddit, and People of Walmart)

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