A rescued former stray cat from Japan is determined to never be cold again, so he spends winter's chilly days snuggled up to his owner's electric space heater.

Cool Cat Busao Cuddles Up To Electric Heater

Busao, a chubby tabby cat from Ibaraki, Japan lives life as cozy as a bug in a rug these days. It wasn't all that long ago (well, in people-years, at least), however, when he was homeless, friendless, and COLD... winters in central Japan can be downright frigid, even for those born with fur coats.

It would appear Busao's now-nine-year-old bones still feel the chill of bygone winters but thanks to the soothing warmth of a trusty friend – his owner's space heater – Busao need never shiver himself to sleep again.

Cool Cat Busao Cuddles Up To Electric Heater

Busao owes his big fat infrared life to his owner, Ryuji Tan, who discovered the tabby kitten roaming the streets in search of food and shelter. Touched by the kitten's plight, Tan took him home where, wonder of wonders, he found a solitary space heater in the center of the living room, emanating waves of sumptuous heat like a tiny caged sun. Busao knew he'd found the home of his dreams.

Almost a decade later Busao is a little fatter, a lot warmer, and completely locked into an unusual winter bedtime routine. “When it's cold we use the heater every day to warm up,” Ryuji Tan explained to a reporter from Love Meow.

Cool Cat Busao Cuddles Up To Electric Heater

“He will sit beside the heater and fall asleep,” adds Tan. Busao actually seems to pay homage to the heater, nosing right up to the screen and placing a paw or two on the heater's metal case. You'll recall President Trump putting his hand on the odd glowing orb during his visit to Saudi Arabia in 2017? Kinda like that, though way less creepy.

It also seems that Busao's gentle charm and appreciation for the heater has warmed the hearts of thousands of fans online. Tan set up accounts for Busao at Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, where he regularly posts pics and videos of Busao “chilling” out.


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