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The Brazilian-based office of Ogilvy, a worldwide design and marketing firm, has developed facial recognition/artificial intelligence software for dogs so that they can choose their own favorite products online.

Focusing on toys (for now), Ogilvy's client, Petz Brazil, says it will use the "Pet-Commerce" AI so that pet parents will never again have to purchase a dog toy that will be rejected by their dogs.

Here is the pitch:


Apparently, Ogilvy relied on Leonardo Ogata, a dog trainer who helped develop the AI program based on thousands of dogs facial expressions and responses to sound and color. (Yellow and blue seem to be dog faves.)

But as dog owners know, sight is not a dog's most acute sense. Dogs will observe almost any moving object if directed to be alert to it, but unless it's their owner or another dog, they probably don't know precisely what's moving across a computer monitor. (source)  It's the sound of the toy (which Ogata indicates needs to be turned up, by the way) that they react to. Could any object moving across the screen with the same sound evoke a dog's interest?

Pet-Commerce may appeal to some, particularly if they or their dogs are home-bound... and just maybe.  If you want your pets to enjoy the toys you buy them, why don't you bring them to the pet store with you so they can smell and hear them?

What's next on Pet-Commerce's agenda? It may be to extend the experience to cats.


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