Most pet collar bells are pretty much the same - like traditional jingle bells, they are round, have a few holes, and come in red or silver or blue....  Here is a set of pet bells that can add a unique style and a little funk your pet's collar.

The Dolike Pet Bells are anything but boring. They come in a pack of 10, and they are mostly little sculptures of well-know cartoon or anime figures, all intended to be humorous and, well, funky. There's Sponge Bob Square Pants and My Melody and Hello Kitty and dozens of other popular screen characters!


Dolike Bells For Pet Collars


Customers say the Dolike bells sound a bit different from the typical jingle bell, perhaps more like sleigh bells, some have said. And each charm sounds slightly different from each other, probably due to the variety of their shapes.


Dolike Charms For Pet Collars


Can you just picture your little gal with this charm on her collar (below), charming all the other kitties and pups in the neighborhood?  Birds, on the other hand, will be fair-warned that their sworn enemy is on her way and they'd better take to the hills!


Hello Kitty bell from Dolike Petbell collection


Another use for the Dolike charms is use them to potty train your dog.  To do this, string up all the bells on a cord or pretty ribbon, tying each bell a few inches apart. Tie the whole piece to your doorknob.  Then, you can train your pups to ring the bells when they want to go out.  (See 6 Doggy Doorbells That Let You Know When Your Dog Has To Go Out)

The individual characters are randomly chosen in your pack of 10 Dolike Pet Bells, so your pet's new charm bells will be a surprise to both of you!


CAUTION: DO NOT put bells or any other noise-making tags or charms on your pet's collar if you have coyotes or other hunter-wildlife in your surrounding areas.


That's the buzz for today!

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