A crocodile who waits for fish-cleaners to toss scraps is said to be friendly, though it's more likely he knows not to bite (off) the hands that feed him.

Friendly Crocodile Begs Fishermen For Scraps

A short video dated January 3rd, 2018 shows fishermen cleaning their catch in the seaside town of Bontang, East Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia. There's something unusual about the otherwise unremarkable scene, however... an uninvited guest who would rather clean up than clean.

Friendly Crocodile Begs Fishermen For Scraps

“Sometimes we clean fish here,” explains one of the fishermen. “This crocodile is friendly and waits for scraps.” Judging by the size of its head, that's a good-sized croc who could do some damage if it decided to get, er, scrappy.

Though crocodiles are not thought to be particularly intelligent, this one at least is playing it smart by not frightening off its daily meal ticket. As can be seen above and in the video, it even tolerates having water splashed on its head by one of the fishermen. Yeah, don't try this at home, kids, assuming you've got massive marine reptiles in your backyard.