Whitefish protein for canine calm: image via bobberstop.comWhitefish protein for canine calm: image via bobberstop.comThere are some veterinarians that prescribe medicinal tranquilizers for hyperactive dogs; but talk to dog owners, and few actually want to use them. Would they try a natural supplement?  You can bet on it, based on the number of natural products on the market which claim to calm canine hyperactivity.  A French scientist, Dr. Claude Beata, recently presented his studies on a new natural product for canine anxiety that he's tested and has been approved in France.

Beata presented to veterinary behaviorists at their annual meeting in San Diego during the first week in August.  He described his discovery, called Procalm, and his studies of its effects. Studies will begin shortly in the U.S.

Procalm is made from hydrolized protein from whitefish and is sold in powdered form. Beata's response from owners has been positive: "....We have no doubt on the fact that the product induces positive changes given the fact that many owners report spontaneous and striking testimonies, such as, 'I never saw my dog as happy as he is now,' Beata reported.

The name of the product is perhaps unfortunate for it might be easily confused with a psychopharmacologic drug called Procalm. The psychophamacologic drug Procalm is a brand name for alprazolam, manufactured by Radicura, a drug used to treat human cases of nausea and vomiting.  Other natural products named Procalm (a natural probiotic formula for humans) and Pro-Calm (a natural anti-anxiety gel for pets that is made with different ingredients). 

But if the whitefish powder 'Procalm' is successfully tested in the U.S., I'm sure the manufacturers can solve the brand name problem.


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