Meet John Boy. a courageous Black Lab who saved the life of his owner with a little help from the "boys in blue." Read on for more about this devoted dog and his grateful family.

Police officers are always on the lookout for trouble and potential danger. The need to investigate can occur even when a threat may not be so obvious, but some instinct whispers of something not quite right or out of place. In this case, the actions of a frantic Black Lab aroused a need in Officer Gonzalez that pushed him to follow the dog and see where he led. First of all, it was  a very cold day for a dog with a collar to be roaming the city streets that were covered with snow from a recent storm. (See: Kelsey The Hero Retriever.)


John Boy and Friend

Honest Paws

The Police Officer Sensed Danger Nearby

When the officer approached the dog in an attempt to calm him down, the dog began to bark loudly. The officer rolled down his window and the animal's tail began to wag. He then stepped out of the car, at which point the animal began to move forward.  When the dog turned around to see if he would follow, the officer got back in the car and did so, ultimately saving a human life.  (See: Half-Breed Wolf Saves Couple From Snowstorm.)


Hero John-Boy
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Office Gonzalez followed the dog to a home where a woman lay slumped over a chair on her front porch. Initially, he thought she was dead, but he found a pulse and immediately called for an ambulance and  his partner who helped  helped him carry the woman inside . The frigid temperatures could have been as much of a threat to her life  as any other medical condition. (See: The Cat Who Dialed 911.)

While awaiting the ambulance, the police were able to identify the woman. They learned her name was Krystal Wendt and quickly went about finding her next of kin. They located her daughter, Tianne, who in  turn contacted the woman's sister,  and together they went to the hospital. (See: Homeless Russian Cat Saves Abandoned Bab from Freezing To Death.)


Hero John Boy and Tianne
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All's Well That Ends Well

Doctors ascertained that Krystal w as suffering from a heart condition, which caused the incident, and that she had been lying in the cold for about an hour. Her survival was thanks to both John Boy and Officer Gonzalez. The officer,  however, believes that John Boy deserves all the credit. He told the press: " I gotta believe that he pointed me in the right direction." (See: Cat Named Buddy Saves Owner From Heart Attack,)

Daughter, Tianne, believes that her mother and John Boy share a very special bond and that they were meant for each other. Krystal returned home after a few days in the hospital to rejoin her loving family and her loyal  heart-string, John Boy.

Good job, John Boy!

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Source: Honest To Paws