A big-eared fox cub is back on the run after good samaritans from the RSPCA gently removed its head from a heavy ceramic vase.

Fox Cub With Head Caught In Clay Pot

Smart as a fox? Not so much, if you're a curious cub whose reputation amongst its littermates has surely gone to pot, big time. At least the youngster can see, eat, and breathe freely once again, even though none of its own “crazy like a fox” remedies could compare with what a little human kindness could do.

Our story begins in the garden of a homeowner in Basildon, Essex, UK. The gardener wasn't surprised to see a fox in the yard as she knew there was an in-use den on her property. What she didn't expect was a “distressed and disorientated” cub wandering about... its head firmly stuck inside an old clay pot.        

Fox Cub With Head Caught In Clay Pot

Worried the fox wasn't able to breathe, the homeowner gently smashed (two words not often used in conjunction) the end of the pot. Her next step – a wise one, as it turned out – was to ring up the local RSPCA branch.

The cub wasn't going anywhere with the heavy vase weighing it down – how it got into this situation in the first place is a mystery in and of itself. “The caller had never seen the vase before so the cub must have found it discarded somewhere under a bush or something,” explained Joe White, the Animal Collection Officer who responded to the call.

Fox Cub With Head Caught In Clay Pot

White transported the exhausted fox cub to nearby South Essex Wildlife Hospital, where on-duty staff assisted him in removing the cub's head from the vase. “From the looks of it, he had pushed his head into the vase and couldn't pull his head back out because his ears are so big.”

After a night spent at the hospital to recover, White returned the reformed pot-head cub to his den in the original caller's garden, where presumably he had some 'splainin' to do to his Mom and siblings. If his big ears weren't red before, they certainly must be now. (via BBC, images via RSPCA)