Basic rectangular and tubular scratching toys are predictable and boring for both you and your cat. It’s true! If you’re going to place a piece of furniture in the house just for kitty to destroy it, it may as well look cool! Karma Products went well out of their way to create a collection of visually appealing geometrically styled scratchers made of industrial strength corrugated cardboard with non-toxic adhesives that won’t be an eyesore until a few months of constant cat attacks! Here are their top four cat scratchers to get you started:

X-Tetra Cat Scratcher LoungeX-Tetra Cat Scratcher Lounge

X-Tetra Cat Scratcher Lounge
– This extra-cool scratcher doubles as a kitty perch and each X-Tetra Lounge comes with a bonus Scratch Log.

Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounge – It’s an infinite loop of cardboard comfy kitten bench. Napping to infinity and beyond!

Karma Scratch Log – An accidental creation when Karma Products invented the X-Tetra Lounge, the Scratch Log saves space, while being large enough to stay put with your cat’s rough playtime.

Karma Scratch Kube – Call me square, but I like this design the best! Cats love multiple types of surfaces, so I can imagine the Kube as a special snoozing zone for multiple felines.


Karma Scratch KubeKarma Scratch Kube

Who knows what strange shapes we’ll see from Karma Products next? In the meantime, let us know which ones you like the most in the comments below!

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