A Florida golfer whose ball hit and subsequently eaten by an angry alligator needs to consult the rulebook or call in a marine biologist – maybe both.

Florida Golfer Tries For A Birdie, Ends Up With A Gator

To paraphrase Jack Handey, when an annoyed alligator swallows your golf ball after being bopped on the noggin, let it go, because man, it's gone. An unnamed Florida golder would be wise to heed those words of advice.

The sportsman was lining up a shot on the third hole at the Long Marsh golf course in Rotonda West when his partner, one Dan McNamara, began filming an alligator relaxing on the shore of the hole's water hazard. Fortuitously for McNamara, his partner's shot – intentionally or otherwise – headed straight for the gator's toothy head. What happened next will shoc- no, no, no, not gonna do that, we're as tired of that clickbait come-on as you are!   

Florida Golfer Tries For A Birdie, Ends Up With A Gator

We'll turn things over to McNamara at this point: “I was shocked that this guy (the gator) turned and looked at me; he ate my buddy's golf ball,” McNamara related to a reporter from ABC News station WFTS-TV in Tampa Bay. Was it a Titleist?

One surmises McNamara's golf buddy could get his ball back eventually but really, who has time for that sh-, er, stuff?