The cat-friendly Flea Waltz rug displays the musical notes to the popular piano piece while offering a non-slip, anti-bacterial, comfortable place for cats and cat-owners to play.

Flea Waltz Rug: A Carpet Cats & Cat-Owners Can Share

This lovely edged rug from Japan's Peppy is ideal for rooms with hardwood, linoleum or ceramic tile floors. The rug features a pleasing design in sage green, black and dusky rose that displays the notes of Der Flohwalzer (The Flea Waltz), known in Japan as “I Stepped on the Cat”.

Flea Waltz Rug: A Carpet Cats & Cat-Owners Can Share

The rug's non-woven and non-slip polyester backing is engineered with high hygroscopic properties. It acts as a combination humidifier/dehumidifier, absorbing moisture in muggy conditions and releasing it on dry days.

The material's moisture absorption ability is about 2.5 times that of cotton, wicking away sweat and encouraging your cat to enjoy a refreshing sleep even during the dog days/nights of summer.

Flea Waltz Rug: A Carpet Cats & Cat-Owners Can Share

The rug also embodies air purification functions and will absorb odoriferous compounds including formaldehyde, ammonia, acetic acid, indole, and trimethylamine. A complementary effect is that mites, fleas, ticks and mildew are repelled.

The Flea Waltz rub is available in two sizes: 176cm x 176cm (70” by 70”) and 176cm x 230cm (70” by 90.5”). The rug is priced (tax included) at 5,162 yen (about $47) and 6,782 yen (about $62), respectively. Though designed in Japan, the rug is made in China. For more information, please visit the product page at Peppy.