Flea TV DVD  by CatScratchFlea TV DVD by CatScratch A few weeks ago, Dog TV began airing on cable channels in the San Diego area.  Soon, no doubt, it will be spreading to other areas of the country and the world. But there's a new video out that's not just for your dog, but the whole family to enjoy together.... although some of it may seem weird to humans, as it's done with 'dog technology.'

In other words, the Flea TV DVD is made so that dogs get the most out of its sound as well as video.  Most all of the video is taken at a dog's eye level (The star is a Jack Russell Terrier named Blade.), and it is shot in high contrast to help your dog see the important elements of the video.  It has also been 'colorized' to emphasize blue, violet, and yellow, the colors that dogs see best.  

The makers of Flea TV, noting that music can hurt a dog's ears, employ attention getting sounds and human voices, sounds more relevant to a dog than music.

There are a few parts of the video intended for humans but which dogs will reap pleasure from: several baking methods for dog cookies and tips for massaging your dog.  The rest of the 70 minutes is mostly for Fido and that can be set on continuous loop for watching while you're away.

 The Flea TV DVD is available from Amazon.com.


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