An Irish seal notorious for mooching free meals at a seashore seafood restaurant seems to have a fear of Donald Trump. Maybe he knows something we don't?

Fish-Mooching Seal Trumped By Presidential Poster

Why did the seal cross the road? To mooch a meal at The Lighthouse seafood restaurant, of course! Trouble is, “Sammy” (as residents of Wicklow, Ireland have dubbed him) is a BIG seal and he's never satisfied with the scraps he scrounges. What to do?

Fish-Mooching Seal Trumped By Presidential Poster

As recorded in this video posted to YouTube by “The Fish Guy”, Sammy is on his way to The Lighthouse when a man – presumably one of the eatery's staff – heads him off carrying a posterized screen-cap of then-candidate Donald Trump speechifying from the podium. Sammy, having suddenly lost his appetite, turns tail and escapes back into the sea. Not a very, er, presidential seal, now is he? (via UPI)


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