Top Fin Fishy Fishy Night Aquarium


Looking for a small fish bowl for a kid's room or even an efficiency apartment where space is limited? While there are a lot of crazy options out there and some are truly clever designs, there is one in particular that will capture the hearts of children — and a lot of adults. That's because it's not just a fish bowl but a nightlight that projects images on your ceiling once it's dark.

Top Fin®

The Fishy Fishy Night Aquarium (if you could call it that) by Top Fin® is so cute and cool you may want to get two. Advertised as "a light-projecting betta tank that provides quite the show," it features color-changing LED and projection disks that project colorful shapes on the ceiling. Truth be known, however, the bowl is really too small for a betta, regardless of the sales pitch and advertising photo.

Bettas & Other "Bowl" Fish

Another problem with keeping bettas in a small fish bowl is that the bowls can be difficult to consistently regulate for temperature, and bettas prefer warmer water. Goldfish can outgrow these cramped environments, and the amount of waste they produce makes them impractical for a small bowl, too. All of this is somewhat ironic, as they are the two most popular fish for fish bowls.

Best Fish for Smaller Tanks

Fish that do do well in smaller environments are as follows:

  1. Paradise Fish
  2. Guppies
  3. Endler's Livebearers
  4. Zebra Danios
  5. White Cloud Minnows


paradise fish by André Karwath aka Aka
Image via André Karwath aka Aka

Brightly Colored Fish

If you have your heart set on emulating the photo with a really cool, super bright fish with lots of color, then the paradise fish is the way to go. It is a species of gourami and closely related to the betta. They can tolerate a wider range of water conditions, so they can deal with unheated fish bowls far better. Another plus is they can eat just about any type of fish food, but for best health they should be fed high-protein food.

Knowing all of this ahead of time will save you a lot of time and hassle.