If a dog's going to drive a car and bring along his entire family, what make of car will he drive? A Subaru, of course!

But what about an abandoned cat?


Tarpon Springs Tire rescues kitten



A one-month old kitten, thrown out of a moving car near Tarpon Springs, Florida, seemed to have disappeared after Debby Maroney suddenly stopped her Subaru SUV in the middle of Highway 19 to rescue the kitten. She saw the kitten dash under another car which had also stopped to try to rescue the kitty, but when both drivers couldn't find him, they left the scene.

Three days later, when Ms. Maroney was getting into her car, she heard a cat's cries. Soon she realized that it was a kitten somewhere under the hood of the Subaru, but she could not see him. Slowly, she drove to the nearest fire department where, after attempting unsuccessfully to reach the poor kitten, it was recommended she visit an auto shop where the car could put on a lift.

Maroney drove to the Tire Kingdom in Tarpon Springs, arriving 15 minutes before closing time. Fortunately, Matt Labus, the manager, agreed to let the shop stay open until they could rescue the kitty. "I've got a bunch of animal lovers here," he said. 


Tarpon Springs Tire rescues kitten



Sure enough, three kitty heros, Logan Fox, Thomas Sheene and Sarek Goldsmith, mechanics at the Tire Kingdom, stayed an hour and a half overtime to lift the car and carefully remove the car's splash guard, under which was the little black kitty that Maroney had seen thrown from a moving car three days before.


Tarpon Spring Tire Kingdom rescues kitten



Sarek Goldsmith is now the lucky owner of a very grateful little kitty that Goldsmith named Subaru. "Subaru" has many heroes to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but so do all of us animal lovers!


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