dog treats from a food truck for canines
The Seattle Barkery Food Truck


Food trucks are extremely popular, and the 21st century versions aren’t the roach coaches of old. You can get all sorts of delectable treats off mobile units now with vendors specializing in all sorts of cuisine. Up until now, the fare served up has always been aimed at humans, but that’s not the case in Seattle, WA, anymore.  Now, a company calling itself the Seattle Barkery is dishing up doggy delicacies for Fidos in the area whose parents want to take advantage of food on the fly for their pets, too.

Seattle Barkery

Ordinary dog food, move over, there’s a new kid in town, and he’s serving up chicken feet and duck necks for lunch and bacon cupcakes and peanut butter pumpkin pretzels for dessert, according to the co-creators of Seattle Barkery, Ben and Dawn Ford. “There were a lot of recalls on dog treats, grocery store brands especially, and I didn’t feel safe not knowing what treats I could use. I started making my own treats and the dogs started loving them,” Dawn stated back in 2016.

Going to the Dogs

The Fords credit the inspiration for their venture from selling their products at the Shoreline Farmer’s Market, where they recognized that going mobile could help get the word out about their business. The next step was to purchase a food truck, which they did, and to take their idea on the road. After a complete renovation of the mobile kitchen, they were ready to test the pavement. Pleasantly surprised by the response they received, it’s been full steam ahead ever since.

Doggone Confusing

Not everyone gets the concept of Seattle Barkery. In fact, the Fords say often times one of two things happen: either people mistakenly think they’re a plain old hot dog truck, or that the name of the business and the food items as they read on the menu are merely creative marketing tactics with people in mind, not dogs. Like all smart business people covering their bases, they do actually provide human fare as well, for a one-stop shopping experience customers can appreciate. Smart thinking.

Location, Location, Location

In business, location is said to be everything. With a mobile unit, it’s hard to go wrong. But people need to know where to find you, if you’re going to succeed, so the Fords publish all the spots they and their rescue dog, Sherman, will be visiting daily for customer convenience on their website. You can also find them on the various social media platforms that they take advantage of, as well.

Going to the Cats?

Not content to sit on their laurels and bask in the glow of the success of their handcrafted dog treats, the Seattle Barkery has decided to expand their repertoire and start carrying cat treats, too. Another clever idea, because while most people aren’t out walking their cats or taking them to a play date or a cat park, they will buy cat treats if they’re right there in front of them. This would be especially convenient if the mobile Barkery just happens to be near the Seattle Meowtropolitan cat café.

Charitable at Heart

If you live in Seattle and you visit the Barkery for dog treats this summer, wherever it might be, don’t be surprised to find a tip cup that’s been set out. No, it’s not so difficult to vend treats from a truck that tips are deemed necessary, but they don’t go to the Fords themselves. All monies received through tips are earmarked for donation to the Old Dog Haven, a facility created for the care of senior dogs. With good food and kind hearts, how much better could it get?

If you're interested, you can see a YouTube video featuring their brick and mortar location below.