The ARK at JFK

Resulting from a contentious election campaign, immigration has become a controversial issue these days. Now part of our current-day zeitgeist, our concerns shift to how immigrants should or should not be treated coming into the country. But what about animals? Whether you are anti- or pro-immigration, I would venture to guess that most of us might feel differently when it comes to our horses, birds, canines and other animal wildlife entering the country? Yes?


Well to address that need . . . enters The ARK.

Scheduled to open in the fall, this facility is a 178,000-square-foot airport terminal customized for the specific purpose of quarantining thousands of animals that will be flying [via airlines] in and out of John F. Kennedy Airport each year.

It will provide pre- and post-travel animal care and veterinary services for pets, horses, birds, livestock and exotic animals in a competent and compassionate manner.

It's promoted as the first privately-owned quarantine center at an airport — dissimilar to any other in the country, providing the "highest level of care for the prized animals that trot through their doors," officials said.

"The ARK is filling, in my opinion, a niche that needed to be developed," said Dr. Linda Mittel, from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, who has been working with ARK to develop the best facility for this purpose.

Equine Flyers

Contributor Katie Honan at dna/info notes that “horses hoofing it halfway around the world now have a state-of-the-art facility to look forward to once they land.”

The welcoming Equine Import. Export & Quarantine Center is a USDA-approved rest and inspection facility, staffed by experienced and dedicated grooms that understand the unique demands of equine care. They have created a special environment to put owners, grooms and most importantly, their equine guests at ease when they land and before they catch their next international flight.

Air Pet Oasis

The ARK has also thought about the needs of our pets in transit. Their Ark Pet Oasis serves as a central resource available to all airlines, pet shippers and pet parents 24/7, attending to the needs and promoting the welfare of companion animals traveling as live cargo.

This facility will feature 47 dog kennels, 12 cat kennels, veterinary triage area, and a dedicated outdoor relief area for the pets. As an added benefit, coming in through Customs, the ARK’s staff will care for all inbound international animals post-flight, even if they are awaiting U.S. Customs and Border Protection requirements.

This definitely takes the sting out of emigrating your animals and pets don’t you think? For those traveling with animals the latter part of the year through JFK, please let us know about your experiences at this new facility.

I wonder if this Caucasian Ovcharka will get a free pass coming into JFK, seeing that he’s Russian? What do you think?

The ARK at JFK