Pets freak out when fireworks go off.  As we are approaching July 4th,
we need to keep this in mind.  They get scared and, in some cases, run
away.  This news story from WPRI in Rhode Island shows some of the
ramifications of not taking considerations for your pet when enjoying
holiday explosions.

I know I'm keepin' my little buddy in the bedroom with a bunch of food and water, as we're having a bunch of people over.  Buster will have his toys and his little bed, and should be okay.  Egad, taken in the wrong context that just sounds creepy.  Let me put it into the right context--Buster is a 25-pound cat that is the most skittish, yet floppy, pet I've ever had.  He's (thankfully) nothing like the Buster from Arrested Development...

Video posted on July 5, 2012.

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