"if you build it" dogs will come.  And if you don't just happen to have a fire hydrant in your yard, you need not build one; you can buy a somewhat smaller version of the old-fashioned model just so your dog will go and pee on it.

Private Label offers this 14 x 6 inch Dog Fire Hydrant for your yard or, for that matter, your living room, which seems to work like a magnet to dogs.  Just be careful where you put it....


Dog Fire HydrantDog Fire Hydrant


Amazon customers attest to the statue's efficacy as a potty trainer for their dogs, for even out in the yard, dogs can have a problem finding a comfortable place to pee.  I was surprised to learn that the Fire Hydrant doesn't even have a specific scent to attract dogs, as most of the indoor potty training devices have.


The Dog Fire Hydrant can even save your grass from the nitrogen in dog pee.The Dog Fire Hydrant can even save your grass from the nitrogen in dog pee.


And if you don't have a dog, you might consider the Fire Hydrant to attract your neighbor's dogs, keeping them from ruining your lawn.

The Hydrant is handmade of cold cast resin, and customers have commented on how attractive it is. The "little hydrant has that beautiful, ages-old look, with a beautifully deep shade
of red... it's not garishly bright red or plastic looking. It actually looks
very appealing in my yard!" writes one.

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