Finding financial aid for sick pets


The already high cost of pet care seems to climb each year. Unfortunately, many of us are not in the position to meet those financial demands. When your needs are greater than your income what do you do? Surrendering your animals or re-homing doesn't have to be your only option for giving your pets the kind of care and attention they may require. Here are some ideas for resources that may be able to help you quell the costs and keep your pets.


According to the website, there are resources that offer financial assistance for pet guardians who are struggling, as well as senior citizens, people with disabilities and people who are seriously ill. They offer a list of over 20 states with programs that may be able to help you during times of need. If you need help with animal care costs, check out their list. You may live in a state with a program that would fit your particular circumstances.


financial assistance for pet owners

Medical Procedure Assistance for Pets

Once known as United Animal Nations, RedRover is said to work "to bring animals from crisis to care to strengthen the bond between people and animals." Another source is The Pet Fund, which provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals in need of veterinary care. While they also supply info on preventive care, pet insurance programs and financial services, they don't provide emergency funding and there's a waiting list for non-emergency care, but they offer links for other financial resources on their website as well.

Breed Specific Resources

Specific breeds, whether dogs or cats, are also available to those finding it difficult to affordably cover the costs associated with pets. Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Programs can provide financial assistance to cat owners in need of certain vaccines, and for dogs a few simple keyword searches on the computer can yield info on the national club associated with your breed, which sometimes offer a veterinary financial assistance fund. It's worth a try.


affordable medical care for pets

Disease Specific Resources

From tumor removal to cancer treatment, there are groups that can provide dog owners with financial assistance, subsidies, discounts and education in connection to their pet's illness. Some of them, like Frankie's Friends, provide free or heavily discounted care for dogs enrolled in clinical programs of promising new treatments.

Miscellaneous Pet Aid also provides resource information for individuals with assistance dogs, animals of senior citizens, people with disabilities, people who are seriously ill and even animal welfare groups short on funds. While the Humane Society of the United States can't directly help you with funding, their website can direct you to a page where you can find further suggestions for what you can do if you are having trouble affording veterinary care.

Remember, you're not alone and there is financial help out there if you're patient and persistent. Good luck and keep your chin up!