An impromptu on-camera catfight in the background left a veteran Filipina reporter wondering whether working from home was really the best idea.

Fighting Cats' Fierce Photobomb Fails To Faze Filipina Reporter

The current COVID-19 pandemic has compelled millions of workers to stay at home, only interacting with co-workers and clients via ZOOM meetings. The so-called “new normal” has taken some getting used to... and some are finding their efforts to keep calm and carry on don't always go as planned.

Case in point: Doris Bigornia, a well-known journalist and field reporter for Philippines-based ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs. On May 16th, Bigornia conducted a video interview on ABS-CBN TeleRadyo's SRO (Suggestion, Reaction and Opinion) program. Things were going swimmingly until her two cats – Bella and Nala – decided this was prime time to air their differences. Their little tiff may have been short but it was anything BUT sweet, as can be seen (and heard – turn up your volume!) at this video posted to YouTube! An extended version may be viewed here.      

Fighting Cats' Fierce Photobomb Fails To Faze Filipina Reporter

Kudos to Bigornia for maintaining her professionalism while the clash of furry titans plays out inches behind her. The Filipina journalist is certainly no stranger to stressful situations – in 2017 she was injured in a multi-vehicle auto accident while on duty – but keeping one's cool while performing live and on camera is a rare talent to be sure!

As for the video clip, it quickly went viral after striking a chord with those who have experienced on-air interruptions while working remotely, and others who fear exactly that. Bigornia took it all in stride, however, even appearing live on SRO three days later to discuss the incident. She was accompanied by a well-behaved Bella and Nana, with two other cats named Edward and Simba joining her at the close of the segment. This time, everyone managed to keep their claws to themselves.