Artist Nel Vicoletto has a knack for felting and a liking for cats. Put the two together and you've got something beautiful yet kinda creepy. What does one do with a lifelike felt cat head, anyway? Anything you want, just... just don't hurt me OK??

Well, pinning it to one's bodice as a broach is one idea – Vicoletto in fact calls these disembodied kitty faces “broaches” so conduct yourselves accordingly. The heads are the most visually arresting of Vicoletto's works because one just doesn't see cat heads grouped together and displayed everyday... unless you're, y'know, some kind of psycho.

While Vicoletto is as sane as they come and more talented with felt than most of us could ever desire, at least she's active in promoting her felted wares at showcase events in and around the Tokyo area. Blogger and writer Jonelle Patrick noticed her work recently at the 2014 Tokyo Design Festa, for instance, and Patrick has a keen eye for the interestingly offbeat.

Cat heads aren't the only felted figures Vicoletto designs and creates, by the way. She makes full-body figures of cats and dogs in a wide range of sizes but as these are hand-made, don't expect shelves full of identical pieces should you happen to come across them in a retail venue.

Speaking of which, Vicoletto's wares may be purchased at the Hands Gallery Market at Tokyo Hands Shibuya (7th floor). You can learn more about Nel Vicoletto and her incredibly lifelike felted pets at her blog and her Facebook page.