Feliway Cat Pheromone DiffuserFeliway Cat Pheromone DiffuserNew situations can make any cat go ballistic. A new pet in the house, especially a
cat, new furniture, a new routine may unsettle a cat, who generally likes things 'the way they
were.'  One of the therapies recommended by some veterinarians for anxiety that arises in cats and
dogs, is the introduction of pheromones.

One popular pheromone product for cats is made by Feliway, and it comes in spray and diffuser forms, but the diffuser is much more user friendly. Just plug it into the wall in the cat's room, or where he is most destructive, and leave it in. 

The formula is actually a synthetic cat pheromone.  Used regularly, every day for at least 30 days, the therapy is intended to keep cats from spraying their territory, scratching furniture, crying, and other destructive and distracting behavior.

Pheromones are natural secretions of most animals and many insects.  They enable other members of that species to identify their presence, especially when they are fearful.  Humans cannot sense a cat or dog's pheromones, but we can tell by their behavior when they are anxious, scared, unsettled, or just bored.

In addition to pheromone products, cats need to have plenty of activities to keep them entertained. Pet TV or Animal Planet is great when you are out of the house.  Even one of the pet CDs especially made with 'pet sounds' works great to provide a peaceful environment. Of course, when you are home, love and play are two things your cat need to trust his environment, be it a new one or one that has, in his mind, changed his environment.

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