Cat toys can seem a bit "samey" at times. Mouse after mouse after mouse.
Occasionally a cat vet or dog comes along for a bit of kitty revenge,
but a new bit of whimsy could be just the thing to bring both you and
your cat back to the field of play. Skineeez 3" Forest Cat Toys could be
just the thing.

Skineeez 3" Forest Cat ToySkineeez 3" Forest Cat Toy

The toys are like the company's dog toys in that they are not filled with stuffing to wreak havoc with your pet if it gets ripped apart. In shape they come as mini squirrels, skunks, and raccoons. I recently bought a couple of them -- a squirrel and a skunk -- and they are absolutely adorable. It is hard to tell who loves them more, me or my kitty-girl. We have the squirrel and the skunk.

Since these are animals the she has made real friends with when outdoors, it seems that she plays with them a bit more gently that she does with her toy mice. I also found her curled up and sleeping with the squirrel, much the way a small child would with a teddy bear.

Skineeez 3" Forest Cat ToySkineeez 3" Forest Cat Toy

These are supposed to be catnip animals, and while my kitty recognizes the fact, she wishes they were a bit stronger on the nip. So when she isn't playing they are going to be packed away in a zip bag of catnip to help keep her interested. 

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