A cute kitten who caught its head in an electric generator was given a helping hand by firefighters who performed the rescue free of charge.

Feline-Friendly Florida Firefighters Free Electric Kitty

Firefighters in New Smyrna Beach, Florida enjoyed a change of pace from rescuing treed cats the other day... this particular distressed feline got in trouble much closer to the ground (no pun intended).

Last Sunday afternoon, August 12th, a call came in from the Beachside Public supermarket (store #229). It seems a kitten had tried exiting one of the store's outdoor electrical generators through a hole in the metal frame.

Feline-Friendly Florida Firefighters Free Electric Kitty

The hole was just large enough to admit the kitten's head – not its shoulders. Backing out didn't work so all it was able to do was mew piteously, which proved (eventually) to be an effective remedy!

According to the City of New Smyrna Beach Fire Department's Facebook, a crew from Engine 52 was sent to the scene... good thing there weren't any fires that day, huh?

Feline-Friendly Florida Firefighters Free Electric Kitty

Anyway, the firefighters were well prepared for any eventuality – yes, even a kitten with its head caught in a generator – and with the aid of a can of lubricant, were able to free the frightened furball without injury to rescuers or the rescuee.  

Once the hard work was done, Engine 52 handed the unnamed (we suggest either "Buzz" or “Sparky”) kitten over to a local cat rescue organization, who were able to re-unite him with his family. The whole electric-kitten-kaboodle were taken in by the organization, who will now try to “generate” leads leading to forever homes.