One day last summer a woman saw a cat carrying a puppy in its mouth through her mobile home park. She thought the worst until she realized that the cat was actually stealing the puppy and was taking it home. Other neighbors had also seen this and they were becoming concerned. Each day she would run across the park, grab another puppy in her teeth, and take it home.

Cat Carrying Puppy
Cat Carrying Puppy

Missy Grant, the dogs' owner, said that they came home one evening and found five of the puppies missing. Then a neighbor told her that she had seen Miss Kitty stealing them. No one knew what the cat was doing with the innocent little lives. They also had no idea what had caused this strange behavior.

It turned out that Miss Kitty had been pregnant and lost every one of the kittens. Not surprisingly the poor cat was traumatized. At about the same time as she lost her kittens, Smoochy the Cocker Spaniel gave birth to a litter of puppies. Unfortunately Smoochy had no interest in her own babies.

Miss Kitty took things into her own paws and chose to adopt the neglected pups. So she started stealing them and taking them to a nice, quiet place to nurse them. The puppies started getting all of the nutrition they needed. Smoochy was more than a little happy to step aside and let the cat take over.

The tale of Miss Kitty doesn't end there. After seeing this story on television a viewer called about two abandoned kittens. Miss Kitty's owner agreed to take them in and the cat's add little family grew even larger.

Cats taking over litters of puppies and other animals is not unknown. This has included orphaned ducklings.

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