Like most kids, an 18-month-old boy from southern India gets up to all sorts of monkeyshines. The difference is, his mischief-making involves a troop of actual monkeys.  

Fearless Child Plays With Wild Monkeys, Never Gets Bitten

According to the boy's parents, the monkeys come calling at around 6 a.m. every day to play with their son and to enjoy the food he brings them. They say this all began when the lad was a mere six months old and the monkeys took some food he was holding.

Far from being upset or angry, the boy has always been happy to share his snacks and the monkeys seem to appreciate his kindness: they play gently and the boy has never been bitten. A minute-long video taken by the boy's parents show the boy and his primate homies interacting much like any group of children.

Fearless Child Plays With Wild Monkeys, Never Gets Bitten

Keep in mind, Hubli (the boy's home town) is a city of just under one million located in southwest India's Karnataka state – not a rustic rural oasis by any means. Wild monkeys are known to be aggressive when it comes to food – think of them as seagulls of the land, but with teeth and claws. That this very young, virtually defenseless boy has got them eating out of the palm of his hand – literally – shows us that monkeys don't just know where their bread is buttered, they know enough not to bite the hand that feeds them.

While some of the commenters at ANI's Twitter page state the images serve to restore their faith in humanity, one is a tad more sardonic stating “This is nothing. There was a child in Gujarat who used to play with crocodiles.” (via ZeeNews, NDTV, and ANI)


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