A “fearless” cat seen chilling out with a sun-seeking rattlesnake in Laguna Vista, Texas, appears to have survived the encounter without using any of its eight extra lives.

Fearless Cat Not Rattled By Texas-sized Snake

They say that “curiosity killed the cat” and an inquisitive tabby in deep southern Texas could just be the poster child for that old cautionary proverb. Luckily, the danger-dodging kitty survived its close encounter of the serpentine kind, leaving us with an unlikely image and more than a few unanswered questions.

This animal odd couple was captured by a member of the Bay Area Birders of LV, a bird-watching club based in Laguna Vista. The group came upon the rattler on Thursday, April 20th while exploring a popular area walking trail. They immediately contacted the Laguna Vista Police Department for assistance.

Fearless Cat Not Rattled By Texas-sized Snake

Upon arriving at the scene, police approached the rattler gingerly, snake-securing equipment at the ready. They had to pause, however, when they saw the “fearless” cat nonchalantly sunning itself mere feet from the rattler's venomous fangs. The snake, by the way, was estimated to be about 4 feet in length – it just looks a lot larger due to forced perspective.

"We ask that you all use caution and are aware of your surroundings when walking on the walking trail or any other locations,” advised the Laguna Vista Police Department at their Facebook page. “Generally, rattlesnakes emerge from hibernation in March or April, or when the average daytime temperatures reach and remain about 60F and higher.” Now if only cats could use Facebook. (via UPI and mySA)