Sunglasses can put the finishing touches on your dog's summer outfit, and they look so glamorous! But there are more serious reasons to provide sunglasses for your pooch, including prevention of canine eye disease.

Dogs, like humans, are susceptible to a variety of eye problems, some of which are exacerbated by direct UV sunlight and glare. Many dogs are simply photosensitive and squint their eyes in bright light.

In addition to eye disease or sensitivity to light, dog eyeglasses offer protection from foreign objects, like dust or allergens entering the eye. One of my dogs needed sunglasses after he ran into another dog's canine tooth... with his eye. I have another very active dog who had and eye removed because of untreatable Glaucoma. Now that he only has one eye left, I need to protect it!

There are three major designers of dog glasses - sun and regular.

1. Doggles® Dog Goggles

As the name implies, Doggles makes goggles for dogs. Fashioned after sports goggles, Doggles fit tightly around your dog's eyes and head, so no UV rays can enter, but the Doggles are padded for comfort. The lenses are polycarbonate and anti-fog, both clarity features, and you can purchases interchangeable lenses in Doggles come in many sizes to accommodate 3 to 250 pound dogs. Additionally, you can purchase the interchangeable lenses in eight cool colors!

Doggles K-9 OptixDoggles K-9 Optix
Doggles newest entry into eye-wear for dogs, K-9 Optix® are sunglasses, as opposed to goggles. They have a special nose bridge for dogs that accommodates the wideness of a dog's muzzle. The Doggle sunglasses come in three sizes, in copper, pink and silver, and you can buy your own pair to match your canine's Optix.



2. Doggie Shades Dog Sunglasses

Doggie ShadesDoggie Shades

The Doggie Shades offer good protection and a lot of fun! Though the Doggie Shades wrap style does not completely block light from entering your dog's eyes, it comes close. Doggie Shades also makes sunglasses with a bit more flair -- like the granny-style round ones and the heart shaped dog glasses. Doggie Shades also have a visor model, as seen below.

Doggie ShadesDoggie Shades

Doggie Shades have two straps, one behind the head and another under the chin, both Velcro® and adjustable. Lenses are UV protected, glare filtered, and shatter resistant. Doggie Shades come in eight sizes, and a neat feature of the online store is that it has pictures of the glasses to size, so you can print a few different sizes, cut them out, and fit them on your dog. Both lenses and frames come in some funky colors.

3. Petlenses Dog Glasses


Petlenses are as elegant and performance-ready as a Ferrari. A Petlenses dog must wear a cashmere scarf flung around his neck and be smoking a pipe.

Snug-fitting, Petlenses use a Velcro strap for fastening, both around the head and under the chin. The sleek, flexible goggle frames contain air vents that surround the UV coated lenses and a cushy border cover around the frames. Lenses are available in grey or reflective blue, and frames in chrome or grey. You can purchase the glasses from the Petlenses website, where you will also find professional support for the importance of eye-wear for dogs. Patlenses are also known as Dog-Goes, where European customers may purchase the product.


I know from experience that dog sunglasses work as eye protection, and I know even more about ophthalmic veterinary costs. So, save your self the vet expenses and get some dog shades!

That's the buzz for today!

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