The Frond Modern Cat Tree stylishly combines the best features of a cat tree and a scratching post.    

The Frond Modern Cat Tree from Tuft + Paw

Indoor cats just love furniture... to make their own and, eventually, shred to bits! Leave it to the clever designers at Tuft + Paw to turn those obsessive-compulsive possessive destructive (and you thought YOU had issues) instincts toward achieving positive outcomes! Not to mention, preserving your own heirloom creature comforts.

The Frond Modern Cat Tree reflects a deep understanding of the feline psyche. Tuft + Paw likes to say they're cat people, after all, and in a good way (not the 1942 horror flick way). They also describe themselves as “the West Elm of cat furniture” and this cat tree's great looking, eminently practical and seriously functional design exemplifies their bold design aesthetic.

The Frond Modern Cat Tree from Tuft + Paw

Let's take a closer look at the Frond Modern Cat Tree. The 49” tall central support sprouts three tiers of oval perches. The perches can be individually adjusted, allowing you to create custom climb patterns – ideal for stimulating your cat or cats.

Speaking of that stout central pillar, it comes tightly wrapped in tough sisal rope so cats can exercise their claws at will, effectively and harmlessly. Down below, a 24” wide base ensures stability and optional feet adapt to different types of floor surfaces.

The Frond Modern Cat Tree from Tuft + Paw

The top perch measures 12.5” by 12.5” while the two lower perches measure 12.5” by 9.7” each. The whole kit & kaboodle is compactly packed for FREE shipping, and assembles easily in under 30 minutes with common household tools. All instructions and parts are included, and cleaning is a breeze using only a damp cloth.

Last but not least, choose from ash veneer or stained black finishes to best complement your room décor scheme. For more information and ordering information, please visit the product page at Tuft + Paw : Modern Furniture for Cats.