A distressed humming bird who flew into a Fairfax County fire station learned why our first responders are held in such high regard.  

Fairfax County Firefighters Revive Alarmed Hummingbird

Firefighters at the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department's Station 31 in Fox Mill, Virginia, take their jobs seriously – and they don't discriminate when called upon in an emergency. Indeed, size doesn't matter when a life is on the line, even if the life in question is that of a hummingbird.

Such was the case when one of these fascinating feathered friends flew into the station, seemingly on its last legs, er, wings. The firefighters may not have been extensively trained in hummingbird rescue but a little common sense and a LOT of TLC came in quite handy that day!  

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Station 31 Fox Mill

"Recently Station 31, Fox Mill, A-Shift flew into action as a patient winged its way into the station," according to a Fairfax Fire/Rescue spokesperson posting at the Department's Twitter account. "The fly-in patient was a hummingbird who appeared weak and lethargic. The crew fed the patient sugar water via syringe. After a short rest the patient got well and flew the coop."

So, will the station be replacing their traditional Dalmation dog mascot with a helpful hummingbird? Don't count on it... but count on firefighters and other first responders to do the right thing any time the situation calls (or tweets) for it.