Facebook's Hounding The Airwaves For A New Image

Facebook allows political parties to run false ads. It feeds us tens of thousands of fake news posts weekly. It continues to expose our privacy and personal data. That coupled with the 2016 presidential election, some even condemn Zuckerberg for having a direct influence as to Trump getting elected.

With all that negative "oppo" conflating the truth, it's no wonder that Facebook is considered as much a liar as our president.

Gone to the Dogs . . .

According to the a report by ohmidog.com, "with all recent publicity about Facebook's bad side, it's not surprising that, in an effort to remind us of its good side, the social media giant has turned to dogs — specifically basset hounds."

So to the tune of the iconic country singer Patsy Cline's "Back in Baby's Arms," Facebook has retrenched with a promo called "Found by the Hounds." It's part of their new "More Together" campaign, and it intends to stimulate our hearts and minds with an uplifting message.

The Facebook description for their first promo in this regard noted that "sometimes you just want to be with the people. The people who get it. And sometimes those people are dogs. And the people who come with them. This is one of those times."

The new ad, which started airing on the tube in October, stars a human who seeks a connection with other humans, while allowing his basset hound to connect with other members of their species as well.

They both appear disillusioned when they arrive at a dog park and see not a single basset.

But their disappointment quickly fades to happiness, when the man turns to Facebook and finds a group called Nothing Better Than a Basset.

 There's nothing like a warm and fuzzy ad zinging at our heart strings about our four-legged best friends.

The Campaign continues . . .

The More Together campaign came about because we found people were using our platforms in a way that was very special,” Samantha Wu, the head of Facebook App Consumer Marketing, told PEOPLE. “While Facebook has always been a place for friends and family, it has become so much more over the years.”

The commercial stars real-life members of the Nothing Better Than a Basset Facebook group, including administrator Danielle Newman and member Cloie Owens, and their very own dogs.

“It was outstanding, amazing and surreal,” Newman tells PEOPLE of her experience on set in Malibu, California, after Facebook flew her in.

“We want to keep telling these amazing real stories of how people are coming together in Facebook groups across a variety of different verticals,” Wu says. “It’s really about how shared passions bring people together in a way that people don’t anticipate.”

So, all you FB group lovers, if you've got a good idea, you might want to submit it to Zuckerberg et al, and perhaps your group and its following will be promoted in Facebook's next national TV ad for this campaign. Hey, stranger things have happened, right?

Primary Source: People Magazine