This nifty fabric cover for oscillating fans safely and effectively filters out dust, dander and pet hair as it gently circulates the air.  

Fabric Fan Dust Cover Filters The Air While Cooling You Down

You don't have to have pet allergies to know our furry friends shed a lot more than just hair. Next time they give an enthusiastic shake, consider the multitudes of tiny dust, dander and debris particles set aloft into the air – the same air you (and they) breathe. Sure, you could invest in a central HVAC system with replaceable filters but that's not always feasible, especially for apartment renters.

Why not put that cheap oscillating fan to work filtering the air instead of just blowing it – and its unhealthy contents – around your work and/or living space? No need to modify the fan, either... just stretch an FM-3 “Wind Clean” fan cover filter over the cage and you're done!  

Fabric Fan Dust Cover Filters The Air While Cooling You Down

The FM-3 fan cover fits most oscillating fan models whose cages measure between 35cm and 39cm (roughly 13.5” to 15.5”). Simply fasten the cover to the fan , turn on the fan and... well, that's it! The cover has no moving parts and there's no need to modify the fan in any way.

When the fan's wind pressure drops, it's time to clean the replaceable filter. The filters aren't washable but basic cleaning can be performed by shaking the filter out over a trash can. Replacement filters are sold separately. Added bonus for pet owners: the cover prevents curious paws from contacting fan blades. (via Konna Shop and Comvalue, covers and filters are available online at Amazon)