If your pet is a bit too spirited, the D+ Kirishima spa in southern Japan offers a Pet Dog Exorcism Plan that'll make your pup's head spin.  

Spa in Japan offers a Pet Dog Exorcism Plan

Pet exorcisms are performed by the senior Shinto priest at the Shingariyu shrine, located on-site at the D+ Kirishima spa in Kagoshima prefecture. Even if your pooch doesn't appear to be possessed, the ritual is recommended for dogs in their so-called “unlucky health years”.

According to the D+ Kirishima spa's website, “Seven-year-old, 10-year-old, and 13-year-old dogs need to be careful of their health, as it's easier in those years for them to gets diseases of aging.” The more you know!

Spa in Japan offers a Pet Dog Exorcism Plan

Under the spa's Pet Dog Exorcism Plan, the shrine's priest conducts a ceremonial blessing that will supposedly banish any evil spirits tormenting your pet, followed up by prayers towards its good health moving forward.

The cost is just 31,000 yen (just over $300) but be aware that the plan includes not only the 30-minute exorcism ritual but the use of a luxurious room for the pet and up to two owners, along with breakfast and dinner for everyone.

Spa in Japan offers a Pet Dog Exorcism Plan

A short (ten seconds!) video at the D+ Kirishima Facebook page features the highlight of the ceremony: the priest clothed in traditional Shinto attire brandishing a shaggy nusa wand to drive out the evil spirits from a surprisingly calm poodle.

Once the pet is thoroughly exorcised and dispossessed (repossessed?), the spa suggests a dip in their private swimming pool designed exclusively for dogs. The pet owners, meanwhile, enjoy a sumptuous full-course meal served with champagne... the latter likely to soften the blow when the bill arrives. (via Toronto Sun and Oddity Central)