As the Red Queen famously said to Alice, "It takes all the running you
can do, to stay in the same place." That's certainly true for pets and
weight. If your dog's weight is really going somewhere (up), an exercise
wheel or treadmill may help him or her leave the puppy fat behind.

The GoPet Treadwheel for Dogs is one option for the pudgy pooch. This product allows dogs to get exercise indoors or out, even when the owner's not around to supervise. It comes in three sizes, with the one for small dogs retailing for a little over $500 and the one for large dogs selling for just under $1400. All sizes are available from Amazon.


GoPet Treadwheel for DogsGoPet Treadwheel for Dogs


If you'd like your dog's exercise machine to look a little less like a gigantic hamster wheel, a treadmill is an option. The dogPACER treadmill suits dogs of all sizes and costs around $525. It, too, is available from Amazon. Just bear in mind that this one will require owner help and supervision to operate.


dogPACER treadmilldogPACER treadmill


Either way you go, your dog is sure to have fun running and geting fit. 

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