MIUT Modular Cat Solutions

MIUT Cat Interior Solutions


Here is a new modular creation from the EU that's intended for cats. But who will be more entertained by it, you or your cat?

Watch this short video and see what you think....




MIUT modules are sold individually. They each have four angular felt sides and one opening. MIUTS are shipped flat, and you fold the sides to make the structure you wish. Then, the MIUT can be mounted on a wall or placed strategically upon other objects or on the floor. You are the designer!


Miut in light grey

MIUT module light grey


The modules come in light grey and dark grey, and each order contains one MIUT, which comes in small, medium, large, and extra large. Shown below are several in different sizes that make a marvelous playground for kitties. Buy one or a dozen!


Miut Cat Interior Solutions

MIUT Cat Interior Solutions


The MIUT modules are made to last, as well. They are a felt material made primarily from recycled PET bottles. They hold up to your cat's destructive, but adorable, nature - not only supporting your cat's weight and scratching and biting, but also resisting dirt and grime. Water and stain resistant, the MIUT modules can be vacuumed or steam cleaned.

The MIUT Cat Interior Solutions were designed in Austria and made in Sweden. They are easy to set up with MIUT's instructions. You can find them on Amazon.com in small, medium, large, and extra large.


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